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The Bremen Town Musicians are a must, of course. Then there’s the UNESCO World Heritage town hall, the charming Schnoor quarter, the expressionist Böttcherstrasse and plenty more. The website gives you an overview of the main places of interest – you’ll be glad you visited!

Schmale Straße im ältesten Viertel Bremens, dem Schnoor

Schnoor quarter

Quelle: WFB/Michael Bahlo

In Bremen, you never have to travel too far or for too long. The main places of interest can be explored on foot, while others can easily be reached by bike. 

The old quarter is surrounded by the pretty Wallanlagen Park and the Weser river. Here in the heart of the city is the UNESCO World Heritage site, which includes the magnificent Weser Renaissance town hall, the Roland statue and the Bremer Ratskeller, the ‘vintage’ town hall cellar. Next to the town hall, you’ll find the city’s pride and joy, the statue of the Bremen Town Musicians by Gerhard Marcks. 

From the market square, you pass through Böttcherstrasse towards the Schlachte Embankment. Böttcherstrasse is an architectural delight made of brick and built in an expressionist style. Where coopers, or Böttcher, once made their casks and barrels, you will now find galleries, museums and the tourist information office. The Schlachte Embankment was once the city’s harbour, but now it’s home to a multitude of ships, boats and restaurants.  

The Schnoor quarter is the oldest part of the city, and its narrow lanes are lined with a succession of delightful little houses. This is Bremen at its most inviting, with cafés, artisan crafts and the House of History.

Also enclosed by the Wallanlagen Park is the city centre, a great place to enjoy some retail therapy.

So, what else is there? Well, we have the buzzing Ostertor and Steintor quarters, known simply as the Viertel, and the cultural mile. Then there’s Überseestadt, Europe’s largest urban development project, a vibrant mix of modern architecture and maritime heritage. Or how about worlds of discovery such as Universum Bremen and the botanika science centre? And that’s just a small selection of what Bremen has to offer …

All the information is available on the website.

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