Ships and boats

Flowing through the heart of Bremen is the Weser river, an old trading route that was the driving force behind the city’s emergence as a proud Hanseatic centre. Bremen’s seafaring traditions are still alive and well today and contribute much to the city’s unique appeal.

Blick auf Schiffe an der abendlichen Weserpromenade Schlachte

Schlachte Embankment

Quelle: WFB/Jonas Ginter

St Martin’s quay is where the river tours depart: every day in summer, boats take passengers up and down the Weser on short trips or long cruises. There are also vessels where you can eat out, stay the night or party all evening long.  

The new harbour district in Überseestadt, the maritime mile in Vegesack with its beautiful museum harbour, and the tributaries of the Weser river are also great places to enjoy life aboard ship.

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