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Get to know Bremen through its cuisine. The food tastes twice as good when it’s washed down with another Bremen speciality like beer, wine or coffee. Or why not try some typical Bremen dishes such as knipp, labskaus, poussin ragout or green cabbage with pinkel sausages? All the information is available at

Ein Paar beim Essen in der hisorischen Halle des Bremer Ratskellers

Bremen Ratskeller

Quelle: Katja Thiele / plan B Werbeagentur

How about a coffee on the market square with views of the UNESCO World Heritage town hall? Or a delicious lunch in an intimate eatery? Or maybe a cosy summer’s evening in a beer garden on the Schlachte Embankment? Bremen offers exceptional culinary experiences whatever the time of day.

The city also has plenty of liquid delights to enjoy, such as outstanding German wines from the venerable Ratskeller, the world-famous Beck’s beer and locally made craft beers. And how about a freshly roasted coffee? There are many opportunities to taste what Bremen has to offer and to have a look behind the scenes.

And once you’ve ventured into the world of Bremen cuisine, you can discover the best of Bremen’s nightlife. As we say here in Bremen when we want to go out on the town: “Woll’n wir up’n Swutsch?”

All the information is available on the website.

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